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24 Hours on a Private Island

From Mahe, I boarded a Twin Otter for a 30 minute flight to a tranquil, elegant, barefoot, chic and very intimate, Denis Island. The island is privately and promotes sustainable tourism. The islands farm uses organic methods for the needs of the staff and guests – rearing poultry for meat and eggs, cattle for milk, vegetables, fruits, herbs and fish caught in the water. Therefore, the food is as fresh as you can get. Furniture is made in the islands workshop from fallen trees.

Upon arrival we were greeted from the grass landing strip and taken by golf buggy to the main house a beautiful open sided lodge which houses the bar, restaurant, reception desk and gift shop. It is so beautifully furnished using lots of drift wood, coral and shells and is the real place where everyone comes together on the island. Mealtimes is generally the only time you'll probably see other guests as most tend to relax on the beach by their own cottages or go out on one of the islands amazing deep sea fishing trips or dives!
I really love the laid back relaxed feel of this island and within minutes I found myself relaxing and switching off to the outside world. Paradise!

You could walk around the island in a couple of hours, but it is lush and green with white sand beaches and turquoise sea. There's a small pool outside but I’m not sure that I would use it when I’m surrounded by white sand beaches and turquoise sea.
Within minutes of arriving at my cottage, push bikes arrived and I happily cycled barefooted discovering how lush and green the island was plus deserted beaches. I did not see a sole for 45 minutes.

The cottages are elegant, with inside/outside bathrooms plus there are no TVs, thank goodness. My cottage was a few steps from the ocean and white sand, had a huge veranda and a day bed pavilion, inside / outside bathrooms with a little garden and most importantly, just steps from the ocean. Families are well looked after and there's a great family cottage. There are no kids clubs here, simply a whole island to discover together. There is so much to discover here, from great snorkelling just off the shore, to the islands own farm which supplies the fresh food for the hotel. There's a dive centre, deep sea fishing. You can even get married in the tiny island chapel. Also, watch out for the giant tortoises, they have a huge pen in the middle of the hotel where you can feed them, many others roam wild. At Denis you can be as sociable or private as you like. Dinners are themed and food was good.

Whilst watching the sun set we sipped champagne and it was the prefect end to the day.

During the flight back to Mahe, I reflected on my experience whilst watching large circles swirl in the clear waters below!