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Top Ten Tips for Business Travellers

We always want to make your business travel trip seamless, take a look at our top 10 tips to make life easier for any business traveller.

1. Get the TripCase app on your smartphone to view your entire travel itinerary, to alert you of all flights hotels and car information and share your trip with family friends and colleagues to let them know you have landed safely

2. Check Visa requirements before you travel

3. Check Passport expiry date

4. Apply for a second passport if some countries make it hard work getting a work visa and you may have to lodge your passport with the foreign embassy. You will need a letter from your employer explaining why you need one.

5. Biometric fast track or e-passports will let you bypass long queues at the UK border and are perfect for regular business travellers to get through the airport quicker.

6. Ensure you have any vaccinations before travelling

7. Download a translator app or take a translation book with you

8. Be aware of cultural sensitivities and customs

9. Sign up to company loyalty schemes to get those reward points at hotels and airlines

10. Beat jet lag by tricking your body into thinking it is in the time zone of your destination, eat an appropriate meal at the destination and drink plenty of water during your flight.