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Top Holidays For...

Multi Generational Families:

Villas are great, versatile options for families travelling with their own parents. You still have privacy from each other by booking a larger number of bedrooms but you gain the communal social space outdoors with your own private pool and so villas really do cater for everyone.

Young families looking for something different to a family focused hotel:

Again, we would always highly recommend a villa to a young family who aren't looking to do the “typical” family resort hotel. Private villas come with their own pool, so you don't have to worry about children making noise or bothering others that may be looking for a more relaxing holiday but you equally don't have other kids bothering you if one or both of you wants some relax time. Also a great option for breastfeeding mums who are privacy conscious!

Families with teenage kids:

Families with teenage children who are usually more active and in need of serious activities and entertainment are extremely well catered for n holidays such as Neilson, Mark Warner or Clud Med. They have resort hotels throughout Europe and Worldwide and usually offer the land and water activities included in the holiday price. Every resort and destination differs but you can usually find windsurfing, sailing, archery, volleyball, tennis, plus many more diverse activities available. Teenage kids have the time of their lives and the parents can be as involved and energetic as the kids (which in turn provides some amazing family bonding moments to be treasured forever) or can relax by the pool and beach, safe in the knowledge that expert instructors and hosts are taking great care of their kids. Couples looking for an “alternative”

European holiday:

European holidays don't have to consist of the usual package holiday to Majorca or Benidorm and now, more than ever, as people are better traveled and better researched, we are seeing an increase in travelers looking for something a little different. Rail Europe is a fantastic option. We are incredibly lucky to have one of the world's best rail systems in Europe, connecting up all the major cities and towns and allowing some excellent touring options. If you have 1, 2, 3 weeks or even longer, why not consider travelling to multiple cities and towns throughout Europe and immerse yourself in sunshine, culture, history, beaches and sample some of the famous cuisines of the city.

Solo Travellers looking for an adventurous or active holiday:

There are now far more options for solo travellers of all ages than ever before and those that are looking to do some walking, cycling, trekking or even more extreme sports; or those that want to do some cultural touring have small group tours that are perfect if you're travelling alone. The small group tour companies attract single people, groups of friends, families and couples and everyone travelling knows that they are joining a group of like-minded people to socialise with along the way. You have the flexibility and freedom to do your own thing away from the group if you wish to do so, or you can stay with them every day. A great choice and very affordable too!