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Our top tips for travellers

It is always a good idea to plan before you go on holiday as it can be easy to get caught out. Therefore, we have put together some of our top tips for travelling abroad to help you to avoid disappointment or issues when you go on holiday.  

Sharon suggests

If you’re travelling to San Francisco, make sure you book Alcatraz in advance prior to leaving the UK.  It’s such a popular excursion that the tickets are never available when you are there.

When leaving your car at an airport, make sure you take a picture of the parking area or bus stop where you have left it.  So many people forget where they have left their car when they come back after a fortnight's holiday.


Laura’s tips

Take photocopies of important documents. If you have an emergency overseas it will make your life much easier.

Alert your bank and credit card provider that you are travelling overseas to prevent embarrassment and hassle in case your cards are put on hold for security reasons.

Don’t forget to take an extra camera battery or two!  Be sure to have extra batteries to capture those amazing memories.

Kate recommends

If your holiday is for a special occasion, mention it to us. We will often be able to arrange a free upgrade at your destination as a gesture to help you celebrate! You may even get a freebie gift.
Don’t follow the crowds, even at top tourist sights, go against the grain to get an authentic experience. Hire a tuk-tuk and ask them to take you to a local market instead of the touristy ones, go to the local home stays or visit local towns and give back to the local communities. Get off the hop on hop off bus in places that aren’t big museums or tourist sights, go to the coffee shop where they don’t speak any English. You can be authentic in any destination by thinking outside of the box.

My biggest tip: if you want to go, book the holiday. Nobody ever went on a trip they really wanted to and afterwards decided it was a bad idea to spend the money. Memories last a lifetime and you have a lifetime to replenish the money it cost. Go and travel!

Tracey suggests

Do your research weather wise. Sometimes temperatures can be high and humid or it may be monsoon or hurricane time!

Shop around for travel insurance, don’t always go with the one you have been with for years and don’t forget to advise any medication, operations etc you have had.

Download the latest app that allows you to find Wi-Fi hotspots in the destination you’re travelling to. This way you can use Skype and WhatsApp for free as you won’t have to pay for phone calls. Also, remember to turn off, Data Roaming as you don’t want to come home to a huge phone bill.

Emma suggests

When travelling to the USA, make sure your ESTA visa is up to date.

Visit the Top of the Rock for the best views of New York in the evening.

When travelling to New Yok save money by purchasing the New York Explorer Pass before travel and choose between 3/5/7 and 10 attractions.


We hope you have found these holiday tips useful for when you next travel abroad. The team at Worldwide Travel Solutions is full of useful information so if you are planning your next holiday, we can help. Speak to a member of our team by calling 0113 237 4488, send us and email or pop into our branch in Chapel Allerton. We look forward to helping you plan your perfect holiday soon.

Sharon May

Apr 05 2017
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