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Travelling To France This Summer?

Have you ever noticed whilst driving in France that you are queuing to go through the tolls however other cars whiz through the Telepeage / tag lanes who do not appear to be paying toll fees? Well here is the secret.

After booking my neighbours holiday recently, they introduced me to Sanef Tolling. Liber-t automatic toll payment service is now available to UK motorist. To use the service all you need to do is register online and you will be sent a small electronic transponder (or tag) that you place behind your rear – view mirror onto your windscreen. As you approach the toll barriers in France, a device by the barrier will identify your tag, securely extract your unique reference and then automatically open the barrier without you having to stop or finding cash to pay.

You will receive an invoice the following month for your tolls and then around 15 days later payment will be collected from your bank account in sterling (GBP). Ingenious!

The telepeage / tag lanes save time because they avoid both queuing and having to keep Euro cash handy to pay tolls.

For more information visit or alternatively call them on 01423 299017 in Harrogate.

Sharon May

Jul 22 2016 Share Tweet