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The True Value of an Independent Travel Agent

It has been a tough few months for the UK travel industry; the prolonged debate that raged around the recent referendum had the effect of taking consumers minds off booking holidays, as the ease and cost of future European travel featured strongly on both sides of the debate. The confusion caused was further compounded with a number of terrorist atrocities across Europe, severely denting consumer confidence and fears for their safety. The collapse of the Low Cost Travel Group at the weekend, may be seen by many as the last straw.

However, with the pressures of daily life increasingly having a strain on consumers, the requirement to have a holiday has undoubtedly moved from the ‘nice to have’ to the ‘need to have’ category.

And against this backdrop of potential uncertainly it is important not to forget the value of a good independent travel agent, who is able to not only provide consumers with products and services that are fully financially protected, but are there to offer professional support should something go wrong.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, Managing Director of The Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest independent travel group said: “Taking a well-earned holiday abroad is a necessity for a large number of UK consumers and it is important now more than ever to entrust their holiday plans to an independent agent.

The agents who are part of our group are many of the most professional travel agents in the country and provide consumers with three major benefits: Firstly, the comfort in knowing that the holiday products offered by Advantage agents are secure and fully protected. Secondly, in the unlikely event something unexpected occurs, the Advantage agent is there to support the consumer, even if they are on holiday when the event occurs. Finally, as our agents have access to the widest range of holiday products often at the best available prices in the industry, they are able to use their skills to find consumers the best holiday for both their pockets and their dreams.”

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Sharon May

Jul 21 2016 Share Tweet