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Why Use A Travel Agent?

It’s the 21st century. We have iPads, smart phones and laptops at our fingertips 24/7 with more online travel companies than the mind can imagine, so why on earth would anyone still use a travel agent?! Sounds ludicrous doesn't it? Well, maybe not. We have compiled just a few of the top reasons that using an independent travel agent may just save you not only money ad time, but also from being on a hideous holiday! - Personal knowledge. Independent travel agents have experience from previous clients bookings and are generally very well traveled, therefore able to guide you to the destination that is right for you, or will guide you to the best resort and hotel that ticks the boxes for your dream holiday. 

Passion. Travel is notoriously low paid so staff aren't in it for the money, it’s for the love of the job and travel itself. They will be as enthused and passionate about your holiday as you are and determined to get you the best holiday available. - The finer details. Often, particularly on more complex tailor made and multi-centre holidays, there are finer details to take care of that you will likely overlook if organising your own holiday. If there is a schedule change, they will co-ordinate the transfers, and ensure the hotels are aware of your new arrival/departure times.

Saves you time. Let’s be honest, you could take hours and days to trawl the internet and you will literally find thousands of holiday options with just as many different hotels that may or may not be suitable. It’s a minefield and it’s a huge investment of your time. A good independent agency will sift out the unsuitable hotels, they will understand what you want and need from your holiday, and they will know the resorts well enough to know what is right for you. They also do this with professional, in house systems that check all of the tour operators and flights all at once.

The best deal vs the cheapest. Travel agents are looking at holidays and pricing day in, day out. They know whether a hotel or destination price is a great deal or expensive. They can find you the cheapest holiday but more importantly for most clients, they can find you the best value deal – giving you the right holiday at a great price.

No extra cost. Perception is often that travel agents are more expensive and it’s simply not true. Travel agents have access to flights and holidays that aren't ever available online and have ways of putting packages together that actually save you cost – in particular where accommodation is included. They don’t add on extra fees for their service so why not put it to the test?!

Hassle free. Independent travel agents take the hassle out of booking your holiday and make it a special, enjoyable experience. From giving advice on visas, submitting your information to the airlines (required nowadays – did you already know that?!) on your behalf, dealing with schedule changes, emailing the hotel for you for any available upgrades and of course, organising all of your documentation. It’s like having your own PA when it comes to travel, at no cost. What’s not to love?!