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Why Book With A Travel Agent?

Only 15 years ago most people would use a travel agent to book their flights and holidays. High street travel agents had the means of searching thousands of possibilities and matching the perfect holiday for you. They took care of the whole process from helping you decide where to go to sorting out any issues after you return. Today it’s possible for you to sit at home, search the web and book most travel arrangements online. So why is the travel agent still needed? Why do so many people continue to make use of their skills and not simply do it themselves?

Let’s dispel the first modern myth, a good travel agent need not cost you anymore than doing it yourself. In fact they can often save you money by knowing the tricks of the trade. Most travel consultants have been in the industry for 25+ years and have traveled to most of the destinations they sell. They have first-hand knowledge and can advise you on all aspects of your trip. The problem today is that we have become slaves to technology. We spend hours and hours trawling the web to find that perfect holiday instead of letting an expert do it for us. We are all capable of buying a pair of scissors and cutting our own hair but wouldn’t dream of doing so. So we trust the professionals. With travel, the web has led us to believe that we are all travel agents and there is no value to having a personal travel adviser like those here at Worldwide Travel Solutions.

The truth is that many who do it themselves don’t end up with the best value holiday they could. There is simply too much choice. Choosing and booking a holiday without the help of an experienced travel agent is time consuming. Things aren't always straight forward. It’s also more secure as travel agents still take care of your holiday from start to finish, so if something goes wrong they’re working for you to sort things out. If your airline goes bust they can re-book your flights or if you fall ill and are unable to travel, they will arrange the refund. If you've ever made a mistake booking your own travel arrangements you’ll know that it’s costly correcting it.

An independent travel agent works on your behalf. Unlike some holiday shops, they are not owned by big holiday companies so can sell the product that’s right for you. Local experienced travel agents get to know their customers. They value repeat business so care more about your holiday. They add value which you simply wouldn't get from a faceless website. Customer service comes in the shape of a real person who knows your name, where you like going and what’s right for you. In the 21st century we may have the world at our finger-tips but the value a good travel agent adds to your holiday is still more important than ever. We all like being taken care of and given a bit of personal service, so travel agents will remain a valuable resource on our high streets.